When caregiving gets complicated, you need
Multidisciplinary Elder Care Management

Are you

Caring for an elder family member who wishes to remain at home?
Getting frustrated trying to put all of the pieces together?
Spending more time on logistics than on your family relationship?
Worrying about making the right decisions for your loved one?

Let Us Make Things Easier

Caring for an elderly loved one is not an easy task. It’s really a hundred tasks to meet many needs – medical, legal, social, financial, emotional, and spiritual. It’s no wonder that nerves can get frayed, tensions can mount and family relationships can be strained.

Whether you are caring for an elder from up close or from a distance, we know that you want to create the best possible quality of life for them. You want to help without hovering, and ensure their safety, dignity and well-being.

At Wallace Brooks and Associates, we work with you and your loved one to understand what is needed to create a positive life and home situation that addresses every aspect of aging. Once we know what’s needed, we work with you and your family member to make a plan, put the plan into place and make sure it’s carried out. Whether it’s a one-time assessment, a single referral or a long-term ongoing care relationship, we’re with you every step of the way.

Identify Your Needs

We gather information about your loved one’s situation – medical, legal, social, financial and emotional to determine what is in place and what is needed.

Create a Plan

Once needs are identified, we help to set priorities, identify personal and family strengths and create a plan that ensures safety, dignity and well-being for the elder and peace of mind for the family.

Coordinate Care

Our team works with you and your family to coordinate care and make sure all of the pieces come together in the best way possible. Our job is to communicate, coordinate and advocate on behalf of your elder loved one.

Let us handle the logistics…
so you can handle the love.