Professional Partnerships

In addition to care management, we create partnerships with other professionals who provide services for elders and their families, such as attorneys, physicians and social workers. Through our relationship with trusted providers, we manage and coordinate services that are appropriate for your specific situation. These partnerships enable us to form a network of coordinated care, rather than a series of fragmented services.

What our Partners say:

“I have relied on Sharon for many years because of her expertise, compassion, and professionalism. Sharon is reliable, dedicated and an expert in her field. She is my “go to” resource for geriatric care management.”

Family Law Attorney, Atlanta

“Sharon and I have served several shared clients and I have spoken with her dozens of times over many years about different client concerns. Sharon possesses superb advocacy skills, a strong understanding of patient’s medical needs, and will go the extra mile to make sure that all the needs of the individuals she serves are well-met. I have referred many families and individuals to her with the full confidence that they will be in great hands with Sharon as their care manager.”

Elder Law and Estate Planning Attorney, Atlanta


If a person cannot make decisions about their life due to mental health concerns, dementia or other circumstances, a probate court may appoint a Guardian. The Guardian is given power and responsibility to make certain decisions on behalf of that individual, who is call a Ward.

When family is unable to serve in this role, a professional Guardian can be appointed. Guardians handle legal, medical, and housing decisions and ensure that their Ward is adequately cared for.

Family members of our Wards say:

“Sharon is the court-appointed guardian for my adult brother who suffers from very serious mental illness. Sharon is caring and effective. She consistently acts to protect his best interests. She stays in communication with his medical, legal, and fiduciary teams, as well as keeps me informed to an appropriate extent. With Sharon as guardian, my worries about my brother’s care are significantly lessened, which comforts me greatly. I highly recommend Sharon as a guardian.”

~ NF-Ward’s sister

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